Deep scanning area

Rexcan DS2 has a narrow angle between two cameras(15° Triangulation Angle), therefore it can ensuresecuring line of sight for complicated models such as impressions.

▶ 3D scanning of impression with narrow Triangulation Angle

Sharp margin linet

Rexcan DS2 employs high-resolution cameras, and is designed for the optimal measurement of margin lines.

Through optimal arrangement of rotary stage and 3D scanning module, it is possible to secure a far sharper margin line than other systems.

Fast scanning speed
With Rexcan DS2, a 3D scan task for a single tooth model only takes 1~2 minutes, and 3~4 minutes for multi.
Open system
The basic output format of the Rexcan DS2 is the STL, so any design software can utilize the file.
Broad applications
- Rexcan DS2 is ideal for the perfect measurement of a single tooth, full arches or complicated impressions.
- The jig of the Rexcan DS2 enables easy mounting of any model, and it is possible to measure a wide variety of model shapes.
- Rexcan DS2 comes in different lens. As for small models such as inlays, onlays and implant, it is possible to select the most appropriate scanning areas for the objects.