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What to expect from using 3D scanning technology?

Manufacturing speed and innovative design are the two crucial factors that determine whether a manufacturer will lead the mobile market or not. Therefore, mobile phone manufacturers have put considerable effort in accelerating the product developing process; including introduction of 3D scanners to the prototyping and quality control stages so as to speed up the overall manufacture process significantly. Comparing with CMM or microscope measuring methods a 3D scanner obtains much more data at a much faster speed. Typically for each scan shot, a 3D scanner acquires 3D information of between 2 ~ 5 million points of the object, and based on the this information, professional inspections such as distortion analysis, distance measurement and so on, can be carried out automatically with an inspection software.

In this way, the overall cost can be noticeable reduced by simplifying and shortening the entiredesigning process and skipping the trial and error stages. Moreover, even free form surfaces of the object can be inspected as well, which also contributes in improving the objects’ exterior quality.

Advantages from Solutionix Rexcan 3D scanner

Reasons why the Rexcan series is popular among mobile phone manufacturers and their suppliers

  • - 3D Scan data can be saved for backing up documentation, and later reused by both designers and manufacturers.
  • - Data materials can be accessed, transferred, and evaluated much more easily and efficiently between parties through the whole process, which can also be speeded up significantly.
  • - Due to the 3D scan ability of R excan models; inspection of free form objects has become possible, which also contributes to enhancing the quality of products.
  • - The 3D Scan database can be used for improving the working environment for prototyping and manufacturing.
  • - Errors due to human mistakes can be avoided.

Inspecting mobile phones in various analyses

1.Distortion of components

Differences between the CAD design data and 3D scan data will be indicated with colors after theinspection software aligns 2 data sets together: excessive areas willbe shown in red, and short areas will be shown in blue. Moreover, distortion reports are also available.

2.Assemble features

Previously, 3D measurements and inspections of assembly features, such as hole positions, plate shapes,patterns, were carried out by CMM, which was extremely time consuming and expensive. But now withRexcan series, more specifically its image acquiring capability, such tasks can be finished in a much moreefficient way.


In this application, the focus is the verification of the mobile phone’s length and width, which is very importantand used to be measured with rulers manually. Now Rexcan can improve this procedure both in time and precision terms significantly.