State-of-the-Art 3D Scan Software

Solutionix ezScan

Intuitive and Easy-to-Use 3D Scan Software

ezScan provides a step-by-step process. Three easy steps, ‘Scan’, ‘Align’, and ‘Merge’, make for effortless 3D scanning. Its key features are represented by intuitive icons. Additionally, ezScan 2017 has enhanced data editing and processing capabilities. So many attractive options have been added that even beginners to 3D scanning can use it easily.

Automatic Scanning Process

With the Solutionix scanners, you can automatically set the brightness with one click of the mouse; no need to set the brightness of the scan object beforehand. The 'Batch Process' function also allows users of the ezScan 3D scan software to perform all functions from scanning to data extraction in one go, providing an easy and convenient scanning experience.

Solutionix ezScan | Automatic Scanning Process
Easy Scanning Path Generation

Different scan objects require different scanning paths depending on their complexity. The flexibility of the scanner in terms of path generation makes it easy for users to create their own scanning paths, allowing repeated data collection for various object sizes and shapes.

Enhanced Scan Data Processing

Obtaining scan data from objects with deep and narrow crevices presents particular challenges. Using the 'Data Merge' function allows recovery of file details from noisy or sparse scan data in addition to intelligent detection and automatic filling of any gaps in the scan data.

Solutionix ezScan | Enhanced Scan Data Processing


Solutionix ezScan | Enhanced Scan Data Processing -merge
API for Customized Integration

Users of the ezScan 3D scan software can use the API provided by Solutionix to control the C500 and process its scan data. Alternatively,  users have the flexibility to create their own scan application programs using  various software and plug-in processes. The scanner head can also be used separately for various application fields and can be attached to the robot arm or other instrumental devices.