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C500 Testimonials

Andreas Schneider

Model Making Engineering at Audi AG

Supported by Authorized Partner / Algona IC, Germany

"Our model making department favored two systems when deciding which scanner to use for digitalizing resources, design studies, and models for quality control and reverse engineering in our 3D printing center. 
We now own the Solutionix D700 scanner for small pieces. Even the most delicate structures and edges can be measured quickly and reliably with it. 
The second system we introduced, is the Solutionix C500. It allows us to scan pieces of up to around 90 mm or up to 500 mm with an extension of the lens. This also guarantees upmost details and sharpness.
The fully automated and user-friendly scan process, that the scanners provide, was also important to us. We appreciate the easy-to-use scan software, which allows, for example, to capture not yet scanned areas in order to direct the automatic 3-axis turn-table to scan missing aspects. 
If you want to digitalize even the smallest pieces and structures fast, intuitively and for a fair price, we would recommend these scanners without hesitation.

Florian Obermeier

Engineering Site Leader  / GE Healthcare

Supported by Authorized Partner / Algona IC, Germany

"As a manufacturer of medical devices, we have to meet the growing quality requirements of our customers. Many of our customers compare the quality of our products to the part quality of their mobile phones or tablets. With our common measuring methods, the feedback to improve parts to suppliers was often insufficient. With the Solutionix C500, we could carry out measurement tasks such as the measurement of complex plastic injection molded parts quickly and easily. Real-time target-performance comparisons and the graphical presentation of the results allow for data-driven discussions within the development departments as well as with suppliers. The dynamics in discussions with suppliers also changed significantly through the use of the Solutionix C500. Where we had previously only checked a few reference dimensions, today we can conduct detailed discussions about improvements in the injection mold, which lead to better part and product quality. The determining factor for us to choose the Solutionix C500 was the user-friendliness of the 3D scanner software and the overall package."

Paul Leonard

Vice President / Engineer at Aristo Cast, Inc.
Supported by Authorized Partner / eQuality Tech, Inc. USA

"Having run the quality department at our facility for many years before moving into engineering, I guess that I most appreciate being able to use the Solutionix C500 scanner for inspection purposes. The ease of use and the extremely high speed of scanning is simply amazing. Being able to work with an inspection program to scan every part fully and to generate a 1st article report which is easy to interpret makes the CMM the second choice for measuring parts."

Michael Daiker

Quality engineering / Jotec GmbH
Supported by Authorized Partner / Algona IC, Germany

"To meet the ever-expanding requirements of the medical industry, we decided to invest in a 3D scanner. Recommended by the company Algona IC, we came across the Solutionix C500 which is a complete system that consists of a 3D scanner unit including 4 scan-volumes, a 3-axis automatic turntable, as well as a suitable software for our requirements. From the first usage, we discovered that we could use the system for even more applications than expected. Even complex measurements of injection-molded parts could be done easily, quickly and precisely. The 3D-comparison heat map also provides an instant visual impression of the part quality. We are currently using the Solutionix C500 mainly for FAI (First Article Inspection) as well as Incoming Goods Inspection of existing parts. In the future, the scanner will also be used for reverse engineering tasks. We unreservedly recommend this scanner."

Cedric Quenot

Director Systems engineering, Medline International France SAS

Supported by Authorized Partner / Multistation, France

“We wanted to acquire a new scanner for one of our product development projects and came across the Solutionix C500 from Solutionix. This scanner was the perfect tool for our needs, especially with its automated 3-axis turntable, and the associated acquisition software, which proved very easy to use. After we successfully performed a few test cases, we started 3D-modelling our products and are happily benefitting from the scanner’s abilities to create realistic and accurate product models.”

Thomas Bäuml

Test Engineer, Mechanical Engineering at BU Body & Security at Continental

Supported by Authorized Partner / Algona IC, Germany

"We discovered Solutionix C500 at the Control 2018 exhibition in Stuttgart. The main benefits that convinced us to acquire the device are its great usability thanks to the automatic rotary lift unit and actuator, the fact that target points are not required most of the times, as well as the scanner’s high accuracy and its compact design. We mostly use the Solutionix C500 to scan plastic cases for electronic control units. The fast comparison between CAD and the actual state facilitates our work significantly. We use all four lenses and the maximum field of view of 500 mm is absolutely sufficient for our components. The ezScan 2017 software is very user-friendly, allowing us to complete a scan within a few minutes. We highly recommend this scanner."

Andreas Häfner

Design Engineer at Marbach Werkzeugbau GmbH

Supported by Authorized Partner / Algona IC, Germany

"Within the field of product development of synthetic packaging materials, we occasionally receive requests of customers to recreate existing articles or extend them with new features. We could not use existing tactile measurement techniques for thin-walled products and therefore needed a non-contact measurement and acquisition method. This is why we decided on the Solutionix 3D scanner. Thanks to the automatic turntable and the second lens we are able to scan parts of customers fast and with highest accuracy, and construct articles based on the results. We also use the acquired data for reverse engineering."

Valentin Sprecher

General Manager at Industrias Ges, S.A

Supported by Authorized Partner / Metrología Sariki, Spain

"We are really happy with our new Solutionix scanner as it allows us to take another step on the Industry 4.0 path. The scanner enables us to check our products easily and make decisions quicker. It also provides many more features that increase our productivity. The learning curve is impressive. Fantastic!"

Benjamin Manglus

Measurement engineer at Lisi Automotive

Supported by Authorized Partner / Algona IC, Germany

"Despite running full-time for seven hours everyday the performance of the scanner is absolutely solid and very reliable. It is also fascinating to see how far slots as well as smallest surface heights up to 10 microns can be scanned and pictured. We are incredibly happy with the product. The ease-of-use and improved functions of the c500 have convinced us to plan purchasing additional Solutionix scanners. We highly recommend other molding plants to use them."

Dr. Jairo R. Sánchez Tapia

Senior Researcher, Industry and Advanced Manufacturing, Vicomtech

Supported by Authorized Partner / Metrología Sariki, Spain

"We are a technology center working on computer vision projects for industrial applications. In collaboration with the engineering team at Solutionix, we managed to successfully integrate Solutionix C500 and D-series scanners with the software in our research lab. We use these products in industrial projects, including in-process metrology and 3D scanning of big components, with the aid of robot arms. Thank you Solutionix, we are very happy with this collaboration and we look forward to what you have in store for us in the future!"

Erduvan Erdogan

CEO, Thermoform plastic molding produce at EUROMAK Plastik Kalıp Ltd.

Supported by Authorized Partner / Mayis Tasarim, Turkey

"With our Solutionix C500, we were able to increase our production efficiency by reducing the time required for tasks.
Quality inspection using the scanner enabled us to find any flaws quickly, allowing us to minimize fraction defectives.
This resulted in us being able to better deliver our products even with tight deadlines, obtain our customers' trust, as well as helped us to expand our business worldwide."

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D-Series Testimonials

Sharon Haimov

Research Engineer of Surgical R&D, Lumenis, Israel
Supported by Authorized Partner / Motiontech, Israel

"We have been using the 3D scanner to estimate small changes in the volume of small objects, to evaluate new laser modulations which will be used in surgeries. The ability of the Solutionix D700 to measure volume is robust, and its performance far exceeds any other products we've examined. We have been measuring volumes in the orders of a few cubic millimeters, and we are very satisfied. Thanks a lot!"

Liesbeth Busman

Jewelry designer at Saage Weddings & Engagement rings, Netherlands
Supported by Authorized Partner / Trace 3D Printer, Belgium

"I use the Solutionix D700 to scan any organic objects to create new designs as it is easier to edit my designs via a digital form. It was previously very time-consuming to draw a model from scratch using an existing design software. However, with the help of the D700, I can easily do a 3D scan and convert the unique natural objects into a digital file for further editing. I am looking to create unique pieces using natural and organic shapes. Instead of spending a lot of time drawing based on a model, with the D700, I can simply scan these objects, allowing me to be a lot more creative in my designs now."

Thomas Mihatsch

Sales Engineer at Visiativ Group

Supported by Authorized Partner / c+e forum AG, Switzerland

"We have used the scanners on a diverse range of projects. It is easy to use and delivers excellent results in terms of accuracy and point spacing. With the two automated axes, we were able to create a completely automated inspection process for our customers. Since Switzerland is famous for its micro-mechanic industries, the D700 scanner is a perfect match for the Swiss market."

David Valle

Managing Director at Gala Creations Ltd, London, UK

Supported by Authorized Partner / Freeform Fabrication Ltd.

"After many months researching 3D scanners for jewelry use cases, I discovered this little gem! It is an exceptional scanner and very easy to use, producing incredible scan results. Using the scanner has helped my business immensely, I couldn't do my work without it! Keep it coming Solutionix!

Karol Ruel

Développement Joaillerie et Création Manager at Atelier Joaillerie Numérique

Project for a world famous jewelry designer in Paris, France

Supported by Authorized Partner / 3D Avenir, France

“Our client has been using the Solutionix scanner for three years and really appreciates the system. According to them, it is very reliable, robust, ergonomic, and precise, as well as combined with an intuitive and efficient software. Our client has scanned many pieces with the scanner and realized over 380 projects during these three years. A D700 model has been integrated on the production site of our customer for local control and conformity of production pieces.”

Jana Mittnerová

General Manager

Supported by Authorized Partner / DEOM, Czech Republic

“DEOM is one of the leading suppliers of optical measuring solutions and technologies in the Central Europe. We have been featuring Solutionix 3D scanners in our portfolio for several years. They are sought-after for their ease of use and compact size. We are happy that the cooperation between Solutionix and DEOM has evolved into a true partnership.”

Omer KarakuŞ

Supported by Authorized Partner / Mayis Tasarim, Turkey

We at AKKO Oto. Mak. Hırd. San. Tic. Ltd. Şti produce turning tool holders, threading and grooving tool holders, u-drills, milling tool holders and precision tool holders (OEM tool holders ). We have been using Solutionix C500 & D700 for both quality inspection and reverse engineering. Inspection-wise, we have greatly reduced human error, resulting in a high level of production accuracy. With regard to reverse engineering, we have been able to work faster and more intuitively than ever before. Thank you Solutionix and hope that your products will be more loved!

Ilya Krupennikov, Ph.D

PhD in Engineering, Product Manager at 3D Scanning and Software Solutions

Supported by Authorized Partner / iQB Technologies, Russia

"We chose Solutionix scanners due to their exceptional performance and high measurement accuracy. They proved to be very effective when used for inspection and reverse engineering at Russian manufacturing companies. Recently, we successfully implemented two projects using the C500 and D700: The task was to inspect manufactured parts, so we quickly scanned them and compared the resulting 3D models with reference CAD models. We can say that these scanners are rock-solid, provide necessary accuracy and are easy to use. Our clients are happy with the results because Solutionix helped them to optimize the production process, reduce costs and save time."

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